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We are Experts in what we do

Among the most respected executives in family entertainment, Toper Taylor started Media Disrupted out of his passion to help entrepreneurs, creators, and innovators realize their dreams.

Toper built three significant Media and Entertainment companies, the Cookie Jar Group (now WildBrain), Network Of One (now Spotter), and Nelvana Ltd. (now Corus) which boasted more than two thousand employees, established offices on four continents, and enjoyed expertise in production, global distribution, co-production finance, sales, marketing, publishing, cable television, licensing, video games, and advertising.

Experience matters most

Over his career, Toper has raised over $1 billion in equity and debt, spearheaded more than 50 mergers, acquisitions and recapitalizations, took companies public and private, produced over 15,000 episodes of television, won a handful of Emmy Awards, architected global brands such as Beyblade, Strawberry Shortcake, Franklin the Turtle, Arthur, Caillou, and many more.

Started from modest beginnings

Toper started his career at the William Morris Agency, as a television packaging agent where he represented Haim Saban, Tim Burton, Hanna Barbera, Viacom Productions, Roseanne Barr, Billy Connolly and many more.  His client, Nelvana, asked Toper to join the company as its President.  Nelvana grew dynamically, raising $40 million in an IPO, then selling for nearly $1 billion a decade later.  Using private equity funding, Toper then bought Nelvana’s leading competitor, Cinar, which was upside down and deeply troubled.  The company rebranded itself The Cookie Jar Group and through both organic growth and mergers and acquisitions became a formidable global studio which combined with DHX Media to later become WildBrain.

What our clients say about us


“Master Negotiators”

“Worldclass Sales and Brand Building Experts”

“Capable of Finding Capital Under a Rock:  From Seed Family Office, from Venture to Private Equity”